A Mind with Wisdom

This calls for a mind with wisdom.

The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.”

Revelation 17:9

There are several places in the book of Revelation where a figurative prophecy is given and we are instructed that only one with wisdom will be able to interpret the meaning of the prophecy. There is obviously a reason why the prophecy is not given literally instead of figuratively. There is a reason why God doesn’t just give the answer directly.

First, God expects us to work at studying His word. He wants us to love His word as much as we love ourselves. If we love His word, we will work at being excellent students of His word. Second, there are dangers in knowing too much of the future. Can we ever know enough where we would thwart God’s plans? No, of course not.

But we also may not do what we are supposed to do if we know exactly when and where certain events will take place. For instance, if we knew hat we would die in New York City, then we would never venture into New York. But what if a great ministry awaits us in New York? That’s why He doesn’t give it to us all at once. We don’t have the wisdom to handle it.

* A disciple allows the Lord to lead for the future

Application: Do you trust the Lord no matter what? Do you work diligently to divide the Word so you can possess wisdom?

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