Dead Faith

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

James 2:26


Deeds, or works, are not necessary to receive the ultimate gift from heaven. There is no single verse in the Bible that states that we have to work to receive our salvation. It would be pointless to believe that. After all, the Pharisees believed that they could work their way into heaven and they were summarily countered by the words of Jesus.


But works and deeds, nevertheless, are important in the life of someone of faith. Works prove that our faith is real. If, for example, I say that I have full faith in a car but never drive the car or allow the car to be driven by someone else, what use is that car? If I say I have faith in a doctor, but never take his advice, do I really have faith in him?


This is just as true with God. We can shout that we believe in God until we turn blue and explode, but it won’t matter one whit if we never exercise that faith. Faith that is never exercised is not faith. If you are counting on a faith that you have never exercised to get you to heaven, you may want to consider what you really trust.


* A disciple lets his deeds confirm the validity of his faith


Application: Do you have faith without deeds? How do we know that you really have faith in God?

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