Doing Right by God

Here’s my heart: I want to do right by God in all things.  I don’t want to do right by society’s standards, because society’s standards come and go, blown here and there by any right-sounding doctrine.  And I don’t want to be right by man’s standards, because I know what’s in the heart of all men.  How?  Because I know what’s in my heart.  I was a sinner by birth and I continue to struggle with sin, even after a second birth.  And I don’t want to do right by this or that man of God, because if I struggle with sin in my own life, then I know that other men and women must do the same.  And I’ve seen men and women of God fall…right when they thought they were most invulnerable.

Okay, but how do I do right by God?  Is it all in how I personally interpret the will of God?  Well, here is where I differ with a few others.  I think there are really only two ways to interpret the Bible: God’s way or the way that seems right to man.  God’s word should be interpreted in context with the full counsel of God.  And, there is a reason that the Holy Spirit was sent to indwell every believer.  One of the main jobs of the Holy Spirit is to guide men into all truth.

Okay, if that’s true, then why do we get arguments on so many issues from equally godly men?  Well, that’s a good question.  First, how are we interpreting the Bible?  First, are we interpreting it through the lens of the current society?  Are you interpreting the Bible through what you were taught at a local church or college?

Cause I’m gonna tell you, we all bring baggage into our interpretations.  But, as I said earlier, the Bible is pretty consistent.  The main thing is gonna stay the main thing.  Salvation from our own sinful nature, restoring the relationship our sin forged between us and God, can only be found by confessing and turning from sin and turning to faith in God through the sacrifice of Jesus.  If you try and tell me that there’s play with that central truth, I’d say that your interpretation is based on something completely different than the Bible.  You’re bringing a little too much to the table.

You can always ask yourself a simple question to check the motivation: Does this interpretation, does this action, does this stance on this issue bring more glory to God or to myself and the rest of mankind?  Because if what you believe and if what you do brings the glory to man or shines a light on all that man has done and the great accomplishments that man has achieved, then that’s not doing right by God, that’s doing right by yourself.

So, no matter the issue, and there are tons of issues in today’s world where one way seems right but another way seems equally as right, but no matter the issue, it can be resolved with a proper interpretation of God’s word.  Now, there may be those who say that God’s word is passe and that it was meant for a different time and people.  I would say that man’s problems, no matter the century, no matter the place, have always been and will always be the same.  There is nothing new under the sun.  Oh, we may have better technology, different communications, more of this or that, but deep down, there’s nothing separating modern man with the problems of a man or woman who lived several thousand years ago.

I want to do right by God.  He’s my measuring stick, not the guy next door or the next country over.  And it’s only when I do right by God that I know that God has my back.  I don’t fear those who can harm the body.  I fear and honor that One which can send the body and soul into hell for eternity.  May be an old fashioned sentiment, but I’m sticking with it cause I know, by honoring God in all that I do, I’m doing right by Him.

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