Eternity Check

What is leading you? Are you led by your sinful desires or by the Spirit of God? What controls your motions? It’s time for an eternity check. The Bible states that those who are led by their sinful desires cannot please God. Those who are led by their sinful nature are not children of the Most High. Only those who are led by the Spirit of God are considered His children.


Oh, I’m led by the Spirit sometimes. Other times I’m led by my sinful nature. After all, I’m still living in the flesh, so I’m going to have sin in my life. And that’s correct. You are still living in the prison of flesh. But that does not mean that you have to obey the flesh. The flesh does not give you an excuse to sin, or to be led around like a dog by your sin.


Check your leash. Who is leading you around? Are you being led by your sinful nature or the Spirit of God? Whoever you allow to be your master is what you are a slave to. If you’re being led by the Spirit of God, then you can consider yourself a son of God. However, if you are not being led by God, then I would check my eternity?


* A disciple is led by the Spirit of God


Application: What has a hold of your leash? What are you living for?

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