Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by an unbiblical definition of love in our culture. This day’s love could find its roots more in the definition of lust or strictly sensual love as opposed to the love that is to be evident in the life of a believer. The gift of love, that fruit provided by the Spirit, is a sacrificial love: a love that is not sequestered by the bounds of selfishness. Love as given by God requires sacrifice and a focus on the welfare of others above one’s self.

Love, as demonstrated by Jesus’ death on the cross, empowers the believer to make choices not based upon his own welfare. This love demands that the believer go to great lengths to make certain that God’s people are taken care of and that God’s will is being actively pursued. This love demands that such things as comfort and luxury take a back seat to the eternal. This love demands action in the midst of passivity and apathy.

The one who walks in the Spirit demonstrates the selfless love of Christ, the love that places the Father’s will above our own. The disciple can only experience sanctification as well as realization of the fullness of Christ by resting in the love generated by walking in the Spirit.

·     A disciple demonstrates the love of Christ, not the love of the world

Application: Do I truly know and experience the love of Christ? Is the love of Christ evident in my life as a known fruit?

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