God of Love, God of Wrath

There can be no denying that our God is a God of love. His greatest commandment to His creation was to love each other as they loved themselves. Paul consistently enjoined Christians, in his letters, to show love for one another. Our Lord described one of His own as one who could be evidenced as loving others. God is love indeed.

But God is also a God of wrath; a terrible Lord whose patience is long standing, but who will not suffer rebelliousness forever. He is gracious in that He offers love freely to all. But He is also just in that He will allow one of His creations to reap what that creation sows. His mercy allows love, but His righteousness demands wrath.

As a Christian, we must realize the balance that pertains to God’s mighty character. We must see the love as both caring, comforting and disciplining. If God were only love, then there would be no point in walking in the Spirit. There would be no point in obeying His commandments, or loving Him. But God brooks no compromise when it comes to His hatred toward sin. Before the white throne of judgment, the righteousness will receive the keys to the Kingdom and the rebellious will receive their inheritance as well. Justice demands it. The wrath of God demands justice.

·     A disciple understands the balance of God

Application: On the day of judgment, will I be sitting under God’s wrath or God’s grace?

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