Just Rewards

What do you deserve? Now, I’m not talking about eternal rewards. I know what we all deserve. But I am referring to our just rewards. What kind of treasures or trash are you storing up for yourself? Are you accomplishing the deeds that God wishes you to accomplish? Are you obeying the One you call Lord? Or do you call Him “Lord”, but rightfully place yourself on the throne of your life?

We continually go back to the idiom that we will reap what we sow. If we persist in doing good, if we persist in bringing glory to God, if we persist in honoring the Lord in every part of our lives, we will reap eternal life. That is the meaning of commitment. That is the meaning of love and of faith.

If we persist, it shows our faith is worth what we say it is. If we persist, it proves that we’re not just talk, that our words aren’t ashes in the wind. If we persist, it proves that we do have faith, an active faith, in the God of the universe and we were not just mouthing a prayer so we wouldn’t end up in hell for eternity. Our actions prove we have love. Our persistence shows we have faith.

* A disciple persists in doing good and bringing glory to God

Application: How much is your faith worth? Do you know the meaning of persistence?

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