Mutual Encouragement

We are placed in a certain body to build up the other members of that body. We are all linked together in success and failure whether we like it or not. We all have spiritual gifts that were given to us for a specific purpose. They were given to us so that we could use them to make others in the body of Christ strong.


When we hide our gifts or only use them for those who we like or respect, we are not using our gifts for their intended purpose. There is simply too large a percentage of the body not using the gifts God gave them. Their is an equal percentage who are holding back their gifts or misusing them because of a bias or stony heart.


God didn’t give us our gifts so we could sit back and admire our plumage like vain peacocks. He also didn’t give us our gifts so we could use them for some and not for all. God gifted us so we could encourage one another, so we could take care of one another. Paul was anxious to see these believers so he could encourage them and be encouraged as well. Can we say the same?


* A disciple builds up the body of Christ with the gifts God has given him


Application: What are doing with the gifts God has granted you? Are you holding anything back or misusing a gift on account of a bias?

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