life unworthy

The Trouble with Bricks

Suzie Phipps and her brother Cleotus are in a world of trouble. Actually, they’re in an alternate-reality, Alice-in-Wonderland-on-steroids world of trouble.

The siblings have their lives turned inside out when an overweight fairy appears and shoots them to a different world: a world of underwear trees, rivers of lard, and into the pages of The Trouble with Bricks. Once there, they are befriended by a leprechaun hunter named Frank, a sasquatch named Melvin, and Frank’s Colon, an organ with arms, legs and a serious attitude problem.

Suzie and Cleotus learn that the only chance to return to their world is to seek the wisdom of the mysterious and enchanted Mr. Wilson, CPA. The wizardly accountant points the way to a path that is fraught with danger and annoying trials. But behind each obstacle lies the malevolent presence of Bricks, evil jazz player and deranged lunatic. As they progress through this unwholesome and repulsive world, braving the Blue Toupee Forest, triumphing past the Three Trials, eating the famed tacos of Hooja’s Magical Oasis, they get closer and closer to their goal and further from any sense of normalcy.

This parody of fantasy novels is loaded with humor, odd characters and unusual situations that is a mix of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Monty Python.

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The City on the Edge of Tomorrow

How far would you go to save your son?

An autistic boy is taken in the middle of the night by something made from blackness that drags him into the attic and through a portal to a different world. His father is not two steps behind, struggling through an alien landscape where every thought, every whim can be turned into reality. As he searches desperately for his son, he faces an enemy intent on stopping him no matter the cost: an enemy capable of changing his appearance, an enemy who is always one step ahead, an enemy who can turn the very light into darkness.


A Novel Romance Novel


Harmonica Carlisle was a rich, beautiful freshman starting her journey at Sacagawea State University.  Coming off a bad relationship, she wanted nothing more than to concentrate on her classes and prepare herself for what lay in her future…until she meant him.  Florentine Montgomery was poor, annoying and socially awkward.  He was everything Harmonica didn’t need.  But with his shining beautiful eyes and handsome carved face, he was everything she had to have.

A Novel Romance Novel is a parody of romance novels.  This was written to gently poke fun at the soap opera atmosphere of romance novels that take themselves way too serious.  If you like twists and turns in your romance novels, this will be the craziest ride you’ve ever taken.  I had a great time writing it and hope you have fun reading it.

An Introduction to Shadow

The door between our world and shadow has been opened.

When he is saved at the last moment from a monstrous attack, Malcolm, a homeless teenager, follows his savior into a foreign, new world of soldiers and monsters, of masters and mad men, where good and evil clash over the fate of the world.

“An Introduction to Shadow”, an adventure horror novel, centers on Malcolm, who is suddenly introduced to a world he never realized existed: a world where the Fallen, monstrous beings whose only existence is to kill, steal and destroy have the capacity to take over the bodies of the living, and the Awakened, warriors exclusively chosen by a mysterious Creator. He soon finds that these two groups have battled for centuries over the lives of mere mortals. As Malcolm is drawn deeper and deeper into this conflict, a war he neither knew nor asked to know about, he must face not only the Fallen, who seem intent on destroying him, but his own inner demons as well. To even participate, he must receive power, he must learn to wield what is placed inside of him and he must learn to traverse the very shadow that wants him dead.