Of False Gods

“Do men make their own gods?

Yes, but they are not gods.”

 Jeremiah 16:20

     The true God of Heaven beckons to His chosen people, yet they choose not to hear.  They are too busy stuffing themselves with gods of their own devise and imagination.  This calamity inflicts not only the unknowledgeable but the wise as well.  Why do we allow ourselves to be mastered by these false gods, the idols we have designed to be lodged in the hole left gaping by our spiritual laziness and corruption?

     Idols these days come in all shapes and sizes.  For the men, there exists the gods of sports, cars, and lusts.  For the women, the gods of friends, television, and family.  All scream in an endless barrage, endeavoring to drown out the still, small voice of God, trying to mend the frayed edges of a relationship with Him.  On both sides, the chosen are smashed between insipid advertising ploys and lustful gadgetry.

     Why do we choose these man-made artifices over the generosity of the Creator of our souls?  It is because of this compromise that most who started out so well have finished so poorly.  But, to the true believers there can be no compromise, no twisting of values, and no bowing at the altar of the gods of our own making.  If there is a God, a one, true God who created the world and sent His Son to die for the sins of everyone, we would be foolish to place our trust in anything less.           

  • A disciple regularly checks the object of his worship, making certain he is only worshipping at the throne of God.

·  Application – What idols have become between God and myself?  Have I asked the Lord to reveal the false gods so I can repel their presence from my life?


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