Being the humans that we are, God’s continuing grace is as important as His initial act of grace is bringing us from darkness into light. We fall and get back up again. We fall, remain down, then get tired of being down and get back up again. It’s a constant struggle and a repetitive process. It may sometimes seem like a cycle that cannot be broken.

And that is why God’s restoration for us is important. When we mess up, we break apart the fellowship between God and ourselves. The farther we are from Him, the less able we are to hear Him as He guides our way. The result is that if we do not seek restoration, we are left floundering like a boat without a rudder. We need His guidance because without it we are no better off than we were before.

Restoration also increases our reliance upon Him and produces humility in us. It is vital that we remain reliant upon Him. When we sin against Him, we break the reliance down and, as a result, we attempt to commandeer the throne of our lives. To live for the Cause of Christ is to be restored to that initial position of total reliance upon Him for our every need.

* A disciple seeks restoration with God immediately upon a broken fellowship

Application: Are you in a period of dryness, of distance between yourself and God? Have you attempted to restore fellowship by seeking restoration?

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