Here is a fine selection of the scripts I’ve written…8 total and a handful of in progress.  The link below each synopsis is clickable and enables you to download the script.  Please feel free to read any script at your leisure.  And please contact me if you’re interested or want additional information.


Here is my latest script that I think is probably better than the majority of other scripts I’ve written.  It’s called The Moon and the Tide and I present it here in its entirety.  It’s about this retired college professor who’s wife just died and the family that moves in next to him, that is made up of a stripper and her two children.  Like the moon and the tide, they affect each other’s lives for the better.

The Moon and the Tide


One of the first scripts I’ve ever written.  This one is a horror comedy about a town that’s a beacon for monsters.

A drunken redneck unwittingly releases an undead lounge performer from his ancient prison: a cave in the local park. Once free, the zombie unleashes its unholy revenge in the form of an army of revitalized garden gnomes, which attack the citizens of the small town like Pavlov’s dog on a bell-ringing bender.

The local police, aided by a gypsy, a not-completely sane scientist, four teenagers, a geriatric and an FBI agent, must strive to defend their town, their loved ones, even their own sanity against…

The Night of the Garden Gnomes!

Night of the Garden Gnomes Werewolf


Fay lives most of her life in a fantasy world. Introverted and overtly shy, she focuses all of her attention on writing romance novels and leaves men to her fantasy life. She’s been that way since a boy in her elementary school class embarrassed her nearly to death. Now, she’s nothing more than a puzzle with a few pieces missing.

Sauntering around the edges of Fay’s life is Julian, an extroverted lead singer of a heavy metal band, who may currently be in need of some therapy as well.

After a couple of near-misses in a psychiatrist’s office and a café, Fay and Julian are thrust together as Fay researches for her next novel in a music store. With Julian, the pieces of the puzzle seem to slide into place…

All the Pieces


One of the first colonies in North America, the Roanoke Colony, was a thriving, vibrant community, teeming with the young and old, the adventurous and the practical. When their supply ship returned a year later, there was no one left.

The only remaining colonist, young Benjamin Harcourt, sent to live with a neighboring Indian tribe called the Croatan, is alive to tell the tale. Alive, because he was sent away before the final feeding began…a feeding that would consume the entire town.

To establish better relations, Benjamin is sent to live with and learn from the Croatan. But as soon as he leaves, a member of the colony stumbles upon a cave in the woods and is immediately possessed by a carnivorous spirit. Soon the beast begins to feed on the colony.

As the beast feeds, Benjamin trains. He crosses paths with the hot-tempered son of the Croatan chief and forges an unlikely friendship…a friendship that receives a spiritual mandate to hunt out and destroy The Hunger Within.

The Hunger Within