Seeking After God

Do you thirst for God like a man thirsts for water in a dry and weary land? Do you hunger for God like a man hungers for food in a barren and wasted land? We were made for the purpose of enjoying our Creator. We were made to set our sights on Him and look no other way, up or down, right or left. He is to be our only God.


Men seek after fame, fortune, power, and lust. Women seek after the things of their hearts as well. But who seeks after God? Who has enough guts to turn aside from what the world classifies as important and seek after the only truly important thing? Who will risk ridicule and comfort? Who will dare to follow and who will dare to seek?


David was a man after God’s own heart. Obviously, we could learn a little from observing how David felt and acted towards God. To David, God was it. God was the best there could ever be. To know God is the goal. To seek God is the journey. With every fiber of our being, we must seek after this God that created us in His image. It is our purpose.


* A disciple’s mission is to seek after the Living God with his very soul


Application: What are you seeking after in life? Is what you are seeking worth the journey?

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